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Our goal is to facilitate and promote innovation over blockchain-related technology in South Africa, providing valuable information and neutral, trusted opinion.

Please join us on Discord and request membership when asked.

If you wish to make a donation via LN, please see our donation page at

Membership Benefits

Membership offers:

  • 1 x CRYPTOASSETS lifetime / time-limited membership token
  • Member login to this website for access to member-only resources
  • Public Bitcoin node RPC credentials
  • Access to members-only areas on Discord
  • Access to shared documents
  • Voting rights in the organisation
  • Regular teleconferences with homework
  • Support for public submissions


Please direct all queries to Bretton Vine on zatech slack, or via the Cryptoassets twitter, or via email at info AT cryptoassets DOT co DOT za.

Or join us on Discord.

Spend restrictions until a board is in place are limited to general management and:

  1. hardware
  2. webhosting fees
  3. domain name
  4. legal fees


Membership fees, benefits, procedures will be updated by members and may be changed at any time until a Constitution establishes the formal process.


1. Why Counterparty/XCP tokens?

It was an accessible and cheap tool at the time of starting this organisation. Counterparty tokens were issued by burning Bitcoin, and are backed by the security of Bitcoin. Issuing CRYPTOASSETS burnt XCP.

The Bitcoin supply is slightly reduced, and we benefit from a membership card/token platform with multisig capabilities & voting; and subtokens.

We could make an app which accepts Bitcoin, proves membership and allows voting, plus LN wallet…

2. Why not direct payments in Bitcoin?

We accept membership fees & donations via Bitcoin.

We also have donation page at using Lightning Network.

3. Why do you need my name and email address?

At a minimum we need an email address to send login particulars to this website, and/or grant access to gSuite share.

4. Why must I pay a membership fee?

It’s a great way to show commitment. We expect members to contribute in other ways too.

Membership fees will fund running costs, legal fees, along with infrastructure rollout and funding of open-source software to assist self-governing organisations using blockchain technology.

Academic and honorary memberships may be something members consider in the future.

The introductory membership fee was reduced from 0.5 BTC to 0.02 BTC in February 2021 in line with market prices. As of 8 March 2021 this is currently suspended pending a review of membership structure after formal incorporation.

5. Is anyone getting paid?

General management, legal and operational expenses are being covered at this stage.

6. Is this a non-profit/NGO?

Registration as a Voluntary Association or Non-Profit Company is being evaluated in April 2021.


At the start of the group we used the Counterparty protocol over the Bitcoin blockchain to issue membership cards.

This hasn’t proven popular and most members don’t have one currently.

To receive one CRYPTOASSETS card/token you will need a Counterparty wallet, such as:

There is a detailed list available on the Counterparty website.

Then you must fund this wallet with enough bitcoin to cover the membership fee and several transaction fees over time.

Once funded, send your membership fee to 1P9Q29HLYuYgTjstuXt4qd4mUphqLYY487 from your Counterparty wallet and contact us and you will receive one CRYPTOASSETS card/token in return.

CRYPTOASSETS funding address