Lightning Network

Open a channel to our Lightning Network node, effective 15 April 2019, updated 12 November 2020:


cryptoassets LN node HEX address details
Bech32 LND node Bech32

We are accessible on the following explorers:

Connection Policy

  1. Minimum channel size is 250000 satoshis.
  2. In the event of a channel breach we will keep the funds.
  3. We do not automatically reciprocate channels opened to us.
  4. We do not guarantee channels will remain active, balanced, or open, without a contractual agreement.

Fee Policy

  1. Our base fee and fee rate settings are higher than the default; and are adjusted in line with the costs and risk of operating a node.
  2. We will also consider the fee rate of major routing nodes in the determination of our fees.
Market Warnings
  • Make sure you evaluate the base fee, and fee rate, for parties you open channels to, or request incoming liquidity from.
  • If purchasing incoming liquidity, make sure they’re not taking advantage by charging undisclosed high fees on the channel too.
  • A party who volunteers incoming liquidity may be free to set whatever fee policy covers their risk and costs.
  • (2020-11-12) The current median fee base fee is 1.000000 sat, and median fee rate is 0.000001 sat according to 1ml statistics. This is the same as defaults in the software.
  • Due to risk and cost of operating a node, examples with high fee rate exist, e.g. up to 1 sat on large capacity channels, a million times higher than default.

Lighting Network Donations

Please make donations via