Lightning Network

Open a channel to our Lightning Network node, effective 15 April 2019, updated 12 November 2020:


cryptoassets LN node HEX address details
Bech32 LND node Bech32

We are accessible on the following explorers:

CryptoAssets Connection Policy

  1. The minimum channel size is 250000 satoshis.
  2. In the event of a channel breach, we will keep the funds.
  3. We do not automatically reciprocate channels opened to us.
  4. We do not guarantee channels will remain active, balanced, or open, without a contractual agreement.
  5. We maintain an internal node reputation list and won’t permit channels to nodes where funds may be stuck in limbo.

CryptoAssets Fee Policy

  1. Our base fee is non-zero to prevent spam.
  2. Our fee rate settings are higher than the default; in line with our costs and risks in operating a node.
  3. We will evaluate the fee rate from time to time.
Market Warnings
  • Make sure to evaluate base fee and fee rate of parties you open channels to, or request incoming liquidity from.
  • If purchasing incoming liquidity, make sure they’re not taking advantage by charging undisclosed high fees on the channel.
  • A party volunteering incoming liquidity can set whatever fee policy covers their risk and costs.
  • (2020-11-12) The current median fee base fee is 1.000000 sat, and the median fee rate is 0.000001 sat according to 1ml statistics. This is the same as defaults in the software.
  • Due to risks and cost of operating a node, examples with high fee rate exist, e.g. up to 1 sat on large capacity channels, a million times higher than the default.
  • (2022-07-01) A base fee of zero allows someone to send 1 million small transactions, causing a load on your node as each transaction requires a record in the database. A base fee greater than zero prevents this.

Lighting Network Donations

Please make donations via