SARB & Fintech

Please watch the following free course sample, which includes an interview with Dr Arif Ismail, when he was Head of Fintech at SARB:

In summary, the evaluation process for the SARB comes down to:

  1. Describe policy/regulatory problem
  2. Unpack economic use case
  3. Provide an actor-network diagram
  4. Take a policy stance

This is a reasonable approach, and appears simple enough, although a review of the proposed regulations on this basis could only be completed over many months, in part because of the complexity of modelling network diagrams into actor-network diagrams.

As an example, what do the actor-network diagrams look like for:

  • multi-sig cold wallet transaction to hot wallet
  • atomic swaps from one token to another via a 3rd party provider
  • establishing channels in layer 2 solution like LN