Our new multi-user Bitcoind node

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Follow-up Blog Post This post is a follow-up to our earlier blog post regarding costing and bandwidth usage for a small device with Bitcoind and LND. One of the problems some members have with their LND nodes is the cost of hard drive space at cloud providers. It doesn’t make sense to spend R2500pm on […]

Introduction to the CryptoAssets Association

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The CryptoAssets Association is a not-for-profit organisation with a goal to promote adoption and innovation in blockchain-related technology in South Africa. Our mission: Provide education, valuable information and a neutral, trusted opinion in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Foster cooperation between members of the ecosystem via a common code of conduct and industry-accepted set of […]

Our Response to 2020 FSCA Draft Declaration of Crypto Assets as Financial Product

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TL;DR The proposed FSCA draft declaration will force existing business, startups, entrepreneurs, tinkerers, hobbyists, makers and enthusiasts in the cryptocurrency space in South Africa to go through a currently unclear and potentially expensive Financial Services Provider application process with no guarantee of success.  While we in principle support the regulator in ensuring people are safely […]

What is required to co-locate your own Bitcoin & Lightning Network node in a data centre?

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Hardware We make use of a small bookshelf pc with 4GB RAM and 1TB SSD. You can pick one up for around R7000 at 2021 prices. It’s faster than a Raspberry Pi, comes in a metal case and has two ethernet ports. The drive space is only half full in February 2021. Hosting We host […]